Some men would rather be photographed with their Fish than their Wives . . .

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The Rod Held High

Dave Greenwood and I managed to get out for a quick fish yesterday with a bit of success catching those WILD Atlantic Salmon.  “Living life with the drag set light and the rod held high”

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2011 (FALL)

We usually fish Nova Scotia during the FALL (Sep/Oct) time period.  We spend most of our time fishing on our favorite river being the Margaree.  We also play on the Baddeck, Middle, Wests’, East, Philip, and Wallace just to mention some.  This has been one of the better years that I seen in a long while.  Great times spent with Dave Greenwood, Mike Crosby, the Udle(s), Dane Thompson and many others that have crossed our path this fall.  Here are a few salmon that we were able to capture with a photo.  Tight lines and looking foreward to the 2012 season.

Thanksgiving Weekend – Fishin’ with La

Laura and I went to the Margaree, Cape Breton for Thanksgiving weekend with Dave and Darah.  We did a little fishing and had a few laughs.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2007 (FALL)

a few pictures from the fall of 2007.

Salmon Fishing with my Father In Law (Fall 2006)

Pinware River, Labrador 2006

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2005 (FALL)

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2004 (FALL)

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2003 (FALL)

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2001