Some men would rather be photographed with their Fish than their Wives . . .


ICE BURGS at the River’s Mouth

a look at the ice burgs off the coast where we are fishing (Pinware River, Labrador).

Pinware River, Labrador 2009

A few pictures of summer Atlantic Salmon fishing on the Pinware River in Southern Labrador.

Southern Labrador, 2008

A few pictures of summer Atlantic Salmon fishing on Southern Labrador rivers.  On route to Labrador, we stopped and fished the Northern Peninsula of NFLD.  In Labrador, we fished on the Saint Mary’s River but spent the majority of our time on the Pinware.  Dov and Adam joined Dave Greenwood and I for their first time salmon fishing.  Adam is from the BIG Apple New York and has never experienced “culture” like Southern Labrador before.  We have quite the story to tell when a bear broke into our camp during the night while we were all asleep.

4 x Bear on the road

On route to go fishing on the Saint Mary’s River, Labrador …. we encounter bear.  A mommy and three of her cubs.  Mom was not impressed … her hair was stuck straight up and all eyes were on us.  The little cubs were actually very cute.

A quick funny story was when I decided to get some better photos by climbing through the car sunroof, Dave then decides to come up and check it out too.   Needless to say two guys don’t fit in the opening of a sunroof and we got stuck for a bit while bear are all around the car.

Pinware River, 2007 Labrador

Hawke River 2007

Dave Greenwood, Chris Chisholm and myself went to Hawke River for an early July trip.

Hawke River at night

Chris Chisolm

pumping up the Argo

Black Bear Pool

Pinware River, Labrador 2006

Pinware River, Labrador 2005

trout as BIG as a cooler

we went into our Trout Camp at the headwaters of the Pinware River (Chateau Pond).

Pinware River, Labrador 2004

Here are some shots from our adventures to Labrador’s, Pinware River.  For 6 years, we owned and operated a fishing camp there called the Chute Pool Lodge.  This was our first year of operation.  The Pinware is a renowned, rough and tough wilderness salmon river.