Some men would rather be photographed with their Fish than their Wives . . .

Dancing Goat & Margaree Salmon

Dave Greenwood, Jim Lawley, Dave Stewart and I fished the Margaree the past couple days.  We had a few hook ups but the fish just don’t seem to be around.  We never saw any amount of fish, and many of the local fisherman are not experiencing angling success either.

On another note, whenever we are fishing in the Margaree, we always try to make an appearance at The Dancing Goat.  A gem along the Cabot Trail … The Goat is a favourite amongst locals, and you know that’s always a good thing.  They specialize in espresso-based coffees, baked goods, and soups and sandwiches. Everything they serve is at least very good, and a lot of it is excellent!  I say they have the best sandwiches in town … Greenwood says they have the only sandwiches in town (which is true).

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