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The Rod Held High

Dave Greenwood and I managed to get out for a quick fish yesterday with a bit of success catching those WILD Atlantic Salmon.  “Living life with the drag set light and the rod held high”

“Atlantic Salmon Magic” by Topher Browne

My friend Topher Browne recently launched a new bible of fly fishing for Salmo Salar.  When and why does a salmon take an angler’s fly—and what does the salmon actually see?  These and other essential questions are answered thoroughly and intelligently in Atlantic Salmon Magic by Topher Browne, the most complete book on the subject in a generation.  Get your’s today at

look at the teeth (JAWS)

I had to share this photo … Look at the teeth on this Atlantic Salmon!!

opening day in Newfoundland (Jun 1, 2011)

Opening day in Newfoundland brought Dave Greenwood, Mike Crosby, and myself a few fish.  We had a great time fishing in and around the Bay St. George Rivers.

“River Talk” by Mike Crosby

“River Talk” is a compilation of tales and tips that could only stem from a lifetime of fishing on the river.  Mike Crosby has spent more than 35 salmon seasons wandering Atlantic Canada and the Gaspe Coast of Quebec. He is known amongst friends, family and colleagues as “The Legend”.   If you would like to purchase a copy for your fishing friends or clients, River Talk is available at

Pinware River, Labrador 2009

A few pictures of summer Atlantic Salmon fishing on the Pinware River in Southern Labrador.

Southern Labrador, 2008

A few pictures of summer Atlantic Salmon fishing on Southern Labrador rivers.  On route to Labrador, we stopped and fished the Northern Peninsula of NFLD.  In Labrador, we fished on the Saint Mary’s River but spent the majority of our time on the Pinware.  Dov and Adam joined Dave Greenwood and I for their first time salmon fishing.  Adam is from the BIG Apple New York and has never experienced “culture” like Southern Labrador before.  We have quite the story to tell when a bear broke into our camp during the night while we were all asleep.

Casting for Recovery

Casting for Recovery provides fly fishing retreats coast to coast in Canada. Their retreats are specifically designed for women who have or have had breast cancer.  Kathryn Maroun organized a rip for a group of ladies to come try their hand at fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Margaree River, Cape Breton.  A group of volunteers took the ladies to the River.

Group shot of the Ladies

participation awards with Kathryn

Dave and I at the Salmon Museum

Pinware River, 2007 Labrador

Hawke River 2007

Dave Greenwood, Chris Chisholm and myself went to Hawke River for an early July trip.

Hawke River at night

Chris Chisolm

pumping up the Argo

Black Bear Pool

Salmon Fishing with my Father In Law (Fall 2006)

Pinware River, Labrador 2006

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2005 (FALL)

Pinware River, Labrador 2005

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2004 (FALL)

Pinware River, Labrador 2004

Here are some shots from our adventures to Labrador’s, Pinware River.  For 6 years, we owned and operated a fishing camp there called the Chute Pool Lodge.  This was our first year of operation.  The Pinware is a renowned, rough and tough wilderness salmon river.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2003 (FALL)

Atlantic Salmon Fishing 2001